Schmid-Hempel Lab – My previous lab at the ETH (bumblebees and their parasites).

Gerardo Lab – My previous lab at Emory University (aphids and fungus growing ants).

De Roode Lab – Another lab at Emory that works closely with the Gerardo lab and does fantastic work on self medication in monarch butterflies.


Software I find useful


R – Open source and powerful statistics software.

Dendroscope – A free cross-platform phylogenetic tree editing program.

Figtree – for local editing of phylogenetic trees.

Evernote – Helps me keep my thoughts in order, mostly.

NIH ImageJ – For measuring from digital photos.

Dropbox – Finally a good way to synchronize your files and share them with people securely. It’s a great service (fantastic for collaboration as it keeps older versions available), and free. Also worth exploring if you have server space and want to keep tighter control on your cloud presence is OwnCloud.



Ben Sadd – Ben and I both work on the interactions between bumblebees and their parasites. We collaborate on lots of stuff.

Gabriel Leventhal – Gabe is a theoretical biologist who is brave enough to dabble in experiments as well. Aside from generally being knowledgable and interested in absolutely everything, Gabe makes a great brew too.

Jandouwe Villinger – Worked on MHC based kin association in African clawed frog tadpoles and is now researching arboviruses in East Africa.

Ximena Nelson – Neuroethology of decision making in spiders and birds.

Maiis – Photographer, web designer, all-round swell guy.


Sites & Societies


The Evolution Directory – A place to find jobs, conferences, info and more.

Animal Behavior Society – The journal and a source of info and job ads.

The Society for the Study of Evolution – The source of the journal Evolution and a great society.

European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB) – The society behind the Journal of Evolutionary Biology.


Lab Resources


Protocol Online – For when you forget things you should probably be able to remember.

QuantPrime – For designing realtime PCR primers.


Other Resources


Steven Frank’s page – Where you can download his books (legitimately). We all owe him a big thank you for this.

Textbook Revolution – Free textbooks

Textbooks Free – Free textbooks